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“Pooh Bear” Origin

“Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. Today we have a very special guest with us today, Charlie Puth. His new album Voice Notes is out today. Be sure to pick that up on the go. How are you Charlie?”

“I’m good! My schedule has been hectic lately but overall I’m good.”

“That’s good. Congratulations on the new album by the way. I know fans are super excited that it has been released.”

“Thank you so much! I really appreciate all the support from the fans. They’re my motivation for why I continue to make music and it’s just amazing.” Charlie said

“So rumors has it that some songs on the album are about your girlfriend, (Y/N). Does she know?”

“Definitely! (Y/N) and our relationship in general plays a big part on the album.”

“That’s great! Now we have couple of questions from the fans here. The majority of them asking how your relationship with (Y/N) is.”

“(Y/N) is great! Being with her is a blessing everyday. I feel like learning more about her since we first made it official.”

“Okay and a another fan wants to know about (Y/N)’s nickname for you. Pooh bear. Do you have any idea why she calls you that?”

“To be honest, I really don’t how or where she came up with the name. But I’ve always responded when she said it and I also personally like it. It’s different from the average couple nicknames.”

“That’s so sweet! Do you call her anything in return.”

“I call her princess because she is world. I’m so thankful to have someone so amazing in my life right now. (Y/N) is incredible and I love her very much.”


Deep Clean

It’s that time of the month again… No not your period. The annual Deep Cleaning up the house day. Yours and Charlie’s home didn’t stay technically messy but you often like to clean up ever so often. But this wasn’t just any cleaning. You were deep cleaning.

Charlie was on his way back from the gym, giving you a head start on some of the hard task.

You began by doing laundry. Separating his clothes from your clothes and anything designer, you sent those off to dry cleaning.

By time Charlie had walked in, you had most of the downstairs done. Like the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and what not.

Charlie took care of his studio and your bedroom as you tackled the bathroom and your office space.

Reorganizing your work books on the desk, you felt a pair of arms snake around your waist. You blushed and continued with your task. His lips pressed against your neck softly, pulling you closer to his body.

“Charlie, stop.” He didn’t listen

You huffed and turned in his arms. He smiled widely and brushed his nose against yours.

“Give me a few more minutes and I’ll be done.”

“But I want you now…” He mumbled against your lips and kissed you passionately

The office was soon forgotten as you brought your arms around his neck and fingers raking through his hair. You had absolutely loved kissing Charlie. His approach was different everytime. He never seemed to stop impressing you.

“How about I run you a nice hot bath and we watch a movie afterwards. Sounds good?”



Confronting Fans

It’s been going well for you and Charlie. With him home from tour, you began to relearn each other and in love all over again. Recently Charlie had purposed and social media has been going crazy for your next step in life.

You and Charlie strolled through a park after coming from dinner. You laughed and talked about your up coming wedding when you had pass some fans. It didn’t bother you too much when they asked for pictures but this particular encounter didn’t go as others. After they had gotten their pictures, you heard the girls talking about you.

‘How is he even with her? I don’t see much.’

‘He could marry someone much more prettier like me.’

You’ve cried many of nights to hurtful remarks like this. Charlie always told you to ignore them, pay them no attention but no. No more tears. You had enough of people putting you down and undermining you. Sure you were always quiet when you were younger but not this time.

“You know if you got something to say than say it to my face.”

“(Y/N)?” Charlie warned

“And who are you talking me?”

“Who am I? Clearly nobody but the future Mrs. Charlie Puth and you wanna know why? Because his ring is on my finger and not yours. You call yourself a fan? You’re not a true fan. What ever Charlie decides to do with his life, regarding his career or future family, you may friend should be happy for him. And that goes for the rest of you who has anything to say against me.”

You resume your walk with Charlie as those girls headed off somewhere else. Charlie smiled and a few laughs were let out.

“What?! I was serious you know?”

“I know and I’m proud of you. You stood up not only for me but yourself and that my lovely future wife, is what I admire about you the most.”

You blushed while he kissed your cheek.

“Plus, angry you is so hot.”


Thank you!!!

You guys don’t know how greatfully I am! This blog started out with me on the hunt for Charlie Puth imagines and I could never find them. I made this blog for me to reread my works and fall in love with my beautiful Pooh Bear aka Charlie. I didn’t expect for other people to read them but you did and that truly makes me so happy. I’m in the process of following you all back but it’s hard because there’s so many of you. Thank you so so so so much! New imagines are soon to come and my request box is always open. Shoot in some ideas or your thoughts of my blog. Thank you again guys! I’m so very grateful!!! 💕


Dating Charlie Would Include;

  • Him staring at you endlessly
  • You always wagging your brows
  • You and him sending each other weird selfies
  • You always call him pooh bear
  • Him always loving it
  • Him being teased by Shawn of how whipped he is
  • You hug him from behind and kissing his shoulder
  • Him pecking all over your face
  • “Charlie stop!”
  • “No, why? I thought you loved me.”
  • Getting him hot and bothered then leaving
  • You giving him tummy rubs
  • Him twirling your hair
  • Him surprisingly kisses you
  • You blushing when he whispers naughty things in your ear
  • Blowing raspberries on his cheek
  • Him telling the world what a wonderful person you are
  • Singing with him in the shower
  • Duets at the studio
  • Him serenading you
  • Cuddling on the couch
  • Him secretly love being the little spoon
  • Playful fights
  • You listening to his heartbeat at night
  • Charlie singing you to sleep
  • Morning make outs
  • Enjoying each other’s company
  • Loving each other forever



It 3:00am in the morning and you’re still not sleep. The room became too hot causing you to be restless. You huffed and switched to your other hip which only made you more frustrated. You kicked back the covers and glared at the ceiling. The bed then shifts slightly as you felt your boyfriend moved closer to your side.

“Why aren’t you sleep?” He mumbled deeply

“I don’t know. I’m really hot and bothered right about now.” You grumbled

“Take off your pajamas.” Charlie yawns

You removed the cotton shorts and t-shirt, leaving you in your bra and panties. Charlie pulled the blanket up to your stomach and went back to sleep instantly. Finally heaviness began to weigh on your eyes. Now that you were cool, your body shut down for the night allowing you to sleep.

Sweet N Loving Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato blasted through your speakers. You sang back to…

Sweet N Loving

Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato blasted through your speakers. You sang back to yourself in the mirror while applying your make up. It’s sister’s night. Your sister was in town for the weekend and decided it would be a good idea to hang out. Obviously you said yes. You hadn’t seen her in months. Tonight was going to be so fun.

You moved on to your eyeliner, singing softly. Charlie came upstairs for his laptop and notice the mini concert in the bathroom. He smiled to himself as he watched you put on your make up.

How is she not poking her eye out?’

Charlie let out a slight cough, interrupting your diva moment.

“Hey pooh bear.” You smiled and went back to work on your face. Charlie steps in and leans against the counter.

He just stared at you with a lovely smile which made you blush. Charlie then places a hand behind your neck and leaned in for a kiss. You teased him by nibbling on his lower lip. Charlie pushes you further into his body, making sure there were no spaces between you.

You slightly pulled back, staring up into his memorizing eyes. He placed a small peck on your lips before heading out. Grinning like an idiot, you went back to doing your make up.

Period You came out of the bathroom and plopped down next to Charlie. Yep, it was that time of the…


You came out of the bathroom and plopped down next to Charlie. Yep, it was that time of the month again. You dreaded it. The cramps felt like mini swords stabbing at your abdomen. You absolutely hated periods. What girl doesn’t? You lay your head in his lap and feet on the other side of the couch.

The huffing and whimpering caught Charlie’s attention. He frowns down at your aching figure. Watched as you held your stomach in pain.

“You okay princess?”

“No. I’m on my period” You mumbled

Whenever you told Charlie you were on your period, most of the time he’d be weird out and try to give you as much space needed. That was unless you did wanted him. Charlie had no idea how to handle you through your girl struggles. He’d either say nothing anything at all or spoke slow sentence. You thought it was cute that he was being careful with words and did everything not to upset you. Charlie is truly a caring person.

“Can I get you something? Ice cream, chocolate, anything?”

“I’m good. Probably just going to go to sleep.”

Charlie lowers the volume of the TV and began to rub your stomach. Instantly the cramps stopped. He also hummed words to a few songs, lulling you into a deep sleep.

“Feel better soon princess.”


You were fully dilated. The doctor was now allowing you to push. Charlie stood by your side every step of the way. Holding your hand, breathing with you. He made sure you were comfortable and whispering encouraging words. You did everything to keep yourself calm and listen to instructions that were being given

“You’re doing good (Y/N), just a couple more push”

Tears started to rush down your face. You were in so much pain down below. It literally felt like a ring of fire

“I can’t” You whimpered

“Yes you can baby. Don’t give up. He’s almost here, just keep going”

After finally pushing the head out, the rest was a breeze. But something didn’t feel right. How come you weren’t relaxed. Suddenly you felt a small kick

“I think there another baby in there”

The doctor immediately hook you up to a monitor. Sure enough it was another baby. How could have they missed that?

“There’s two!?” Charlie’s voice squeaked

His breathing quickened. The nurse calm him down with some breathing exercises. You push the second baby out fast being that you were still stretched from the first

“It’s another boy”

Tears of joy shed from both you and Charlie. You watched as he cut the cords. Your sons were then placed on your chest, letting out small cries. Charlie kissed both of their heads including yours

“What are their names?”

Charlie looked down at the new bundles of life and it instantly came to him

“Liam and Landon”

Weird habit

Charlie had a weird habit of sleeping with your t-shirts. You noticed this one night when you came home from a night out with friends. You just thought nothing of it. About a week after that, you came in after a long day at work. Your boss had been extra bitchy that day

You trudged upstairs tiredly. You couldn’t wait to curl up next to your loving boyfriend. Walking into room and dropping your things, you changed into a tank and pajama shorts. Before getting into bed you notice Charlie held a pink oversized tee close to his face

This was second time you came home and he was cuddling with your clothes. You slowly pulled the shirt from his grasp. That makes him wake up

‘Give it back’ he mumbled

He sat up, rubbing his eyes

“Hey pooh bear” he realized it was you and pulled you down with him

You allowed him to get comfortable before asking him about the cuddle fest he was having with your shirt

“Why were sleeping with my shirt?”

“Because since you’ve been working late, the bed’s gotten lonely without you. And without you, I was losing sleep. So I just grabbed one of your shirts because it smelt like you. I’m sorry”

You listened as he yawned between sentences.

“Don’t be. I thought it was cute. You can have it back if you want”

“No need for it. I got the real thing”

You kissed his shoulder and fell asleep