Charlie was a perfectionist when it came to music. Everything had to sound a specific way or the whole track would start from scratch. You love Charlie to death and stood behind him when came to his career. But sometimes he can be a bit too hard on himself and you knew it wasn’t healthy. The majority of the time, you had to pull him away from it for a mintue before letting him going back at it.

He hummed a melody as his fingers danced over the piano keys. You watched from the door, smiling coyly. Charlie looked incredibly sexy in his loose t-shirt. His hair layed messy on his forehead.

Moving over towards him, you wrapped your arms around his shoulders from behind. That didn’t stop him from playing. He gave you a quick smile and finish off the song.

“Perfect!” He tweaked over the computer.

Once he finished, he spun around in the chair, facing you.

“Hi princess.” He mumbled against your chest as his arms were set on your waist.

You ruffled over his soft hair with the palms of your hands. Charlie tilted up, his bright hazel eyes staring at you. He looked so adorable. Leaning down a bit, you placed two small kisses on each of his mouth. He smiled, still holding you close to him.

You continue to peck around his face, avoiding those plump lips. Charlie pouted making them even more irresistible.

“Babe! Give me a kiss!” He chuckled.

“No, I don’t think you deserve.”

Charlie looked baffled. You loved messing around him.

“So what do I have to do now? Buy you a new makeup palette, red bottom heels?”

This time you laughed.

“Tempting but no. How about you come relax with me downstairs? It’s money free.”


Charlie quickly saved his project on the computer. He than threw you over his shoulder and made a beeline downstairs. You were laughing so hard and with you being upside-down, you face had turned red.

Charlie placed you down the couch, climbing on top of you afterwards.

“Alright darling! Where’s my kiss?!”

“Who’s said anything about a kiss? I only ask for you to come downstairs with me.”

Charlie gasped. He suddenly smirk and moved his hand closer to your waist. Before you spit out any words, you burst in full fits of laughter. Those devilish fingers ran over your bare skin. Charlie was sure getting a heck out of it. To stop the torture, you hurried to lean up and press you lips against his. With his fingers froze in place, Charlie responded and deepened the kiss. You sighed through the kiss as you were able to relax. Charlie held one hand above your head and the other on your waist. A low moan escaped from him as he moved down to your neck.


He pulled up.

“Yeah babe?”

“Did you mean what you said about that makeup palette and those red bottoms?”

Charlie bursted out laughing.

“Oh my God (Y/N)! You’re really something you know?”

“Well?” You asked again.

“Do you really want them?” He smiled sweetly at you.

“I won’t lie, it will be nice to have.”

“You’re lucky I’m so in love with you.”

He said and gave you one last peck.