(A/N: Someone please let me know in comments if the blonde was a temporary thing. One moment I see him with blonde, next I don’t. Please understand that I love Charlie with my entire heart but I’m not a huge fan of his new hair color. Do you guys like it? Be sure to comment 💕)

At first you didn’t know how to react. When Charlie left for tour, you remember him by his bouncy brown hair. You also told him plenty of time the you love his hair. But when he came back, it was blonde. Like platinum blonde. Sure he was free to do whatever he wanted but you just wish before he made such a drastic change, he would phone you about it.

“You don’t like it?” He asked upset.

Words couldn’t described of what you thought. As much as you wanted to tell him yes, you chose a differ.

“I-I… No. I’m sorry but no. Charlie why?”

“I wanted to change my look a bit. Is it really that bad?”



Weeks has went by and the blonde still wasn’t growing on you. Whenever he tried to have conversation, you couldn’t help but to look up at his hair. Charlie understood you didn’t like it. Your opinions mattered deeply to him. He hate the fact that you continued to look at him weird.

The two of you shared the couch as movie played on the TV. Ever now and then, you would glance over at Charlie. His hair in specific. Without realizing, your hand had reach up into his straight hair. Charlie looked over from his side of the couch to you. He watched as you frowned and pulled away.

“Princess, are you okay?”

You nod and resume the movie. He knew you weren’t. Charlie paused the movie and turned the lights on.

“Does me being blonde upset you that much?” He asked.

“Charlie if it makes you happy than that’s all that matters.”


By the end of the month, Charlie went to get a haircut. You ran a couple errands before dinner. When you arrived back to the house, you heard music coming from upstairs. Setting the bags down, knowing it was Charlie.

“Babe! I have food!”

Putting out some plates and utensils, Charlie ran in from the den. A gasped manged to escape you when his new appearance walked in. Charlie’s hair was brown again except with slight honey blonde streaks.

He once again was confused by the frown that painted your face.

“You don’t like it?”

“What made you change it?”

“Well I couldn’t deal with the fact that you didn’t like it. What you think matters to me. So I compromised and went with streaks instead.”

Also noticing it was curly again. You couldn’t believe he went out of his way to make you happy. In the end, you both had gotten what you wanted.