How to do blogging

well Google would never go kind of   banned medium from the
search engines   you’re right but Google might try to ban   this spammy
group of sites and the   change they make to the algorithm could   have
collateral damage and could wipe   out all of medium in one shot and  
everyone who built 100% on medium   some other platform could completely
get   wiped out by a change that the web spam   people tried to do in
another place you   see Google none of the original web spam   team from
the twenty twelve twenty   eleven twenty thirteen days when when   this
game was crazy rankings were easy   traffic was easy and then people
got   banned   none of those original people are still   there there’s
all kinds of legacy code   in their algorithm and these new guys   don’t
understand what all this legacy   code is so they’ll go in the bigger
we   want to make a change I don’t know I’m   just gonna get rid of that
and that   thing they get rid of that they don’t   know about that was
created by the   original web spam team could affect all best seo services in delhi  kinds of
things that’s why I play it   super conservative in this realm is  
because I understand that that’s a   reality   total tangent there cover
a pen so in   here I’ve got the basic content now a   big and important
thing that I like to   do here is I do not link out of my   youtube
videos unless it’s incredibly   clear why I’m linking out so the two  
times I link out number one is top of my   funnel I don’t do that in
every video   description   number two is to a blog post that is  
written based on the content from the   video that is absolutely epic
this never   happens within a week or two of   publishing the video
right so when I   publish a video I want zero outbound   links and my
reasoning is this YouTube   cares about people binge watching on  
YouTube right like binge watching is   such an interesting phrase the
fact that   that’s like socially acceptable right   now is crazy because
when I was you know   like man like high school or in early   and
caught like 10 15 years ago like if   I went told somebody would you do
oh I seo services company in delhi  sit there and watch TV all day every day   for Saturday and
Sunday I watched you   know eight seasons of a show people   would be
like are you okay like we have   an intervention here but today somehow
 that’s normal that’s become okay so   thinking about it from YouTube’s
  perspective YouTube is going to reward   content publishers who help
people binge   watch on YouTube so if your video if   this video right
here actually gives you   to stay on YouTube longer than my   average
video then like the average