Deep Clean

It’s that time of the month again… No not your period. The annual Deep Cleaning up the house day. Yours and Charlie’s home didn’t stay technically messy but you often like to clean up ever so often. But this wasn’t just any cleaning. You were deep cleaning.

Charlie was on his way back from the gym, giving you a head start on some of the hard task.

You began by doing laundry. Separating his clothes from your clothes and anything designer, you sent those off to dry cleaning.

By time Charlie had walked in, you had most of the downstairs done. Like the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and what not.

Charlie took care of his studio and your bedroom as you tackled the bathroom and your office space.

Reorganizing your work books on the desk, you felt a pair of arms snake around your waist. You blushed and continued with your task. His lips pressed against your neck softly, pulling you closer to his body.

“Charlie, stop.” He didn’t listen

You huffed and turned in his arms. He smiled widely and brushed his nose against yours.

“Give me a few more minutes and I’ll be done.”

“But I want you now…” He mumbled against your lips and kissed you passionately

The office was soon forgotten as you brought your arms around his neck and fingers raking through his hair. You had absolutely loved kissing Charlie. His approach was different everytime. He never seemed to stop impressing you.

“How about I run you a nice hot bath and we watch a movie afterwards. Sounds good?”