“Pooh Bear” Origin

“Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. Today we have a very special guest with us today, Charlie Puth. His new album Voice Notes is out today. Be sure to pick that up on the go. How are you Charlie?”

“I’m good! My schedule has been hectic lately but overall I’m good.”

“That’s good. Congratulations on the new album by the way. I know fans are super excited that it has been released.”

“Thank you so much! I really appreciate all the support from the fans. They’re my motivation for why I continue to make music and it’s just amazing.” Charlie said

“So rumors has it that some songs on the album are about your girlfriend, (Y/N). Does she know?”

“Definitely! (Y/N) and our relationship in general plays a big part on the album.”

“That’s great! Now we have couple of questions from the fans here. The majority of them asking how your relationship with (Y/N) is.”

“(Y/N) is great! Being with her is a blessing everyday. I feel like learning more about her since we first made it official.”

“Okay and a another fan wants to know about (Y/N)’s nickname for you. Pooh bear. Do you have any idea why she calls you that?”

“To be honest, I really don’t how or where she came up with the name. But I’ve always responded when she said it and I also personally like it. It’s different from the average couple nicknames.”

“That’s so sweet! Do you call her anything in return.”

“I call her princess because she is world. I’m so thankful to have someone so amazing in my life right now. (Y/N) is incredible and I love her very much.”