Confronting Fans

It’s been going well for you and Charlie. With him home from tour, you began to relearn each other and in love all over again. Recently Charlie had purposed and social media has been going crazy for your next step in life.

You and Charlie strolled through a park after coming from dinner. You laughed and talked about your up coming wedding when you had pass some fans. It didn’t bother you too much when they asked for pictures but this particular encounter didn’t go as others. After they had gotten their pictures, you heard the girls talking about you.

‘How is he even with her? I don’t see much.’

‘He could marry someone much more prettier like me.’

You’ve cried many of nights to hurtful remarks like this. Charlie always told you to ignore them, pay them no attention but no. No more tears. You had enough of people putting you down and undermining you. Sure you were always quiet when you were younger but not this time.

“You know if you got something to say than say it to my face.”

“(Y/N)?” Charlie warned

“And who are you talking me?”

“Who am I? Clearly nobody but the future Mrs. Charlie Puth and you wanna know why? Because his ring is on my finger and not yours. You call yourself a fan? You’re not a true fan. What ever Charlie decides to do with his life, regarding his career or future family, you may friend should be happy for him. And that goes for the rest of you who has anything to say against me.”

You resume your walk with Charlie as those girls headed off somewhere else. Charlie smiled and a few laughs were let out.

“What?! I was serious you know?”

“I know and I’m proud of you. You stood up not only for me but yourself and that my lovely future wife, is what I admire about you the most.”

You blushed while he kissed your cheek.

“Plus, angry you is so hot.”