Weird habit

Charlie had a weird habit of sleeping with your t-shirts. You noticed this one night when you came home from a night out with friends. You just thought nothing of it. About a week after that, you came in after a long day at work. Your boss had been extra bitchy that day

You trudged upstairs tiredly. You couldn’t wait to curl up next to your loving boyfriend. Walking into room and dropping your things, you changed into a tank and pajama shorts. Before getting into bed you notice Charlie held a pink oversized tee close to his face

This was second time you came home and he was cuddling with your clothes. You slowly pulled the shirt from his grasp. That makes him wake up

‘Give it back’ he mumbled

He sat up, rubbing his eyes

“Hey pooh bear” he realized it was you and pulled you down with him

You allowed him to get comfortable before asking him about the cuddle fest he was having with your shirt

“Why were sleeping with my shirt?”

“Because since you’ve been working late, the bed’s gotten lonely without you. And without you, I was losing sleep. So I just grabbed one of your shirts because it smelt like you. I’m sorry”

You listened as he yawned between sentences.

“Don’t be. I thought it was cute. You can have it back if you want”

“No need for it. I got the real thing”

You kissed his shoulder and fell asleep